Often ignored or unconsidered lighting has a huge effect on the appearance, atmosphere and look of a room.The distribution, intensity and style of lighting can make a room feel bright and spacious or cosy and romantic.Consequently it is advised that when designing a room or changing a furniture layout you consider the supply of lighting and how it will effect your finished look.Furthermore, changing your lighting plan to meet your requirements does not need to be a difficult and complicated job involving extensive and complicated re-wiring.This article tells you how:

See the Light

The first step in any design work is to realise your current light distribution in relation to the proposed furniture layout within the room.Draw a birds eye view of your room and impose circles or even shade where light will fall on to the furniture and floor.Once completed consider how this will highlight the various elements of the room.Do you have ample lighting over your bed?Is there the most light over the central coffee table area?Are the peripheral parts of the room illuminated more than the more active centre?Is a reading chair in relative darkness?Once you have identified where your lighting needs tweaking to create a more practical or pretty finish; write a list or draw a revised layout of your desired lighting plan.

Lighten Up

It is now time to get your ideas in to action.A simple way to alter the mood and intensity of light within a room is by installing dimmer switches which allow you to create soft lighting for evenings and dinner parties and brighter lighting for daytime and when reading, studying etc.If this is not possible consider the effect your lampshade has on the distribution of light.A globe shaped shade will reduce the intensity of light within the room creating a softer more subtle glow.Up-lighter shades push the light towards the ceiling creating a relatively soft emission that enhances the feeling of height within the space.Regular cone shaped shades direct the light down and are good for practical areas where direct light is required.As an alternative, a spotlight fitting of four or five adjustable lights can be installed on to your regular central electricity point allowing you to throw light in to specific areas of the room.

Bar the ceiling fittings an easier and more charming way to alter the light within a room is using table or floor lamps.Available in a huge array of designs, styles and colours for both traditional and contemporary homes these can be placed on sideboards, bedside tables, desks, behind sofas and in corners of rooms to add light where required.Furthermore these are great options for task areas such as pianos, reading chairs or desks where intense light is necessary.

The options and effect lighting has on the overall finish of a room makes it a must do consideration for any design makeover.Think practically about where you want to enhance and also illuminate for work etc.Finally, shop around a find fittings that work well within your scheme and help bring the entire design together.

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