Whether you have a traditional or contemporary home the importance and effect of colour within your interior design is equally important. From passionate reds and purples to calming greens and blues people use colour to create mood, atmosphere, character and interest. Unless experienced at working with colour many people are apprehensive about this area of interior design. Using a brighter or bolder tone however should not be daunting and is in fact an extremely easy way to uplift an otherwise uninteresting room. This article gives you some easy tips on how to create interest and sophistication by adding just one colour to your room.

When looking to uplift an otherwise wishy washy room the first decision to consider is which colour to use. Look at the patterns or colours already within the space. Could you pick out a darker shade, go for a contrast or enhance an already existing tone? Alongside this consider how this colour will affect the mood of the room.

Reds, oranges and yellows can add warmth, brightness and energy. Blues and greens can be more soothing but sometimes can create a sense of cool. Purples and pinks are fun and passionate and can help add a more sumptuous and feminine touch. Or, why not consider using metallic shades for a sophisticated and more subtle finish?

Once you have chosen your colour the next step is deciding how and where to introduce it. As with all elements of interior design you need to consider balance and cohesiveness. One random magenta pink scatter cushion can look somewhat out of place. Two magenta scatter cushions alongside a magenta flower arrangement and table lamp can give the design strength, a sense of logic and depth. Similarly, try not to compress the use of colour to one small section of the room and instead scatter it around in small yet sharp pulses.

For example, if in a bedroom, add two scatter cushions on to the bed. At the window place a coordinating vase or picture frame. Towards the foot of the bed lie a matching rug and finally use similar toned storage boxes around the dressing area. This will not only look more pleasing it will also ensure the colour is not overpowering and easy to live with.

If however you would prefer to have a stronger statement, the way to do this is scale. For example, why not paint a long tall chimney breast a striking red or rich aubergine. On the opposite wall, to again create balance, use a selection of vases, scatter cushions or pieces of wall art to tie the colours and design together.

Or, for a contemporary finish, why not design your room in monochrome colours, and for a real statement, purchase a beautifully designed chair, statue, refrigerator or chaise longue in sunshine yellow, lime green, baby pink or cobalt blue. This creates a real statement and should only be used if you can maintain the pristine and minimalist finish required.

 Whatever effect you go for have fun and experiment over time with different shades and colours. Accessories are easy to buy and easy to remove so don’t be scared; no mistake will be too expensive!