Historically it may not be the time of year to clean your home but as we've had such a wet Spring you may not have had the right weather conditions to give your home a thorough blitzing. So, let the warmth of the sunshine in and blow away the cobwebs in your home to breathe new life into it. For pollen allergy sufferers now is a good time, if you haven't already, to do all you can to help relieve the symptoms. Use goose down pillows to add a touch of luxury to your bed. Plump up the pillows daily to give your bed that 'just made' look and feel. Steam cleaning blinds at this time of the year will help them to dry quicker. If you're not up to a full blast of steam a damp cloth will do the job nicely; just remember to make sure that your blinds are able to withstand hot steam without causing any damage. Taking a look at reducing your energy bill may not be part of a cleaning blitz, but as you'll be dusting and cleaning all accessories you may just as well switch to energy efficient lighting to help lower your carbon footprint. With new technological advances in washing machines and washing detergents you can wash bedding on low temperature washes and still get fabulous results. Remember to wash whites separately if you want to keep them looking pristine. Cleaning windows may not be your favourite chore but it has to be done! Choose an overcast day rather than a sunny one so that you don't leave any streaks and smears. Natural bedding is perfect for hot sultry nights. Go for Egyptian cotton as this is able to keep you cooler than synthetic fabrics; Egyptian cotton will also become softer the more times it's washed making it an efficient and practical choice for bed sheets and pillow cases.  

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