Blow away your 2009 cobwebs by brining a new design look into your home! There is nothing more satisfying than having a 'dream' home and despite the recession there a many ways you can inject and revitalise your interior! As there is always something which needs to be completed, redecorated or altered both inside and outside of your home. This could be a complete make-over of a particular room or your whole house! With people being enticed to make the most of the 'sales' it is the ideal time of year to make huge savings on major aspects of your home such as a new kitchen, bathroom, lounge suite or bedroom furniture! The expense of tackling every room at once is beyond most people's means, as such it makes logical sense to work systematically through your home, making a start on the rooms which are most in need of a new look. There are numerous ways you can revitalise your kitchen without having to spend a fortune. If your cupboards are outdated rather than rip them out and completely replace than why not bring them up to date by painting them? This is a far more cost effective option than buying new. Other subtle changes can also make all the difference to the aesthetic looks of your kitchen, such as changing the door handles and replacing the window dressing with cheap blinds. As this year the focus on creating stylish interiors which are eco-friendly is at the top of the list cheap Venetian blinds made from wood are a great option, they are available in a wide range of colours from light oak and beech to darker woods such as mahogany, therefore there is a colour to suit you new kitchen colour scheme beautifully. Roman blinds are also a good option for kitchen windows. If you want to adpot another of this year's design trends you can make your own Roman blinds using kits, all you have to do is choose the fabric to suit your kitchen! Make sure you give thought and consideration to the type of style you are trying to achieve, rushing headlong into redecorating or re-vamping your kitchen can mean that you end up with a 'so-so' look rather than the wow factor you are aiming for! Decide on the style, colour and accessories before spending a penny, it will save you a lot of heartache and frustration! Image: Little French Nest

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