Luxury Hotel with Homely Influences Inspired by Fogo Inn Newfoundland

Last night's episode of Life Beyond The Lobby focused to the Inn on Fogo Island, Newfoundland Canada. This exclusive, luxury hotel costs between £1,000 and £2,500 per night! Although luxurious the hotel focuses around homely comfort for its guests.

The rooms are obviously well appointed, however, they have a distinct homely ambience. The beds are immaculately made with white linens and covered with hand-made patchwork quilts, or comforters, and adorned with beautiful hand-made cushions made by the inhabitants of Fogo island. Each room has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean with armchairs or chaise lounges prominently positioned to give comfort while guests gazes across the water watching the sea or hoping to catch a glimpse of whales.

The main lounge also focuses on warmth, the temperatures outside can get well below zero degrees, with individual easy chairs reupholstered or hand-made with soft seating and welcoming pouffes for tired legs and feet in front of roaring log burners. This exclusive hotel boasts celebrity guests, Gwyneth Paltrow stayed recently, politicians and other wealthy clients, who want to relax and enjoy the trappings of hotel life and still feel like they are at home.

The programme was full of inspirational ideas for re-creating similar style and comfort in your own home, without having to pay the high hotel prices! So read on and be inspired to create your own version of Fogo Inn.


Cosy comfort, rest and relaxation is the order of the day. Snuggling in front of a blazing fire with a hand-knit throw and squidgy cushions for warmth and a sense of clam while chatting with friends or quietly reading a favourite book.


The beautiful hand-made quilts were made with bright and colourful fabrics. Each one distinctively unique and while those who love handicrafts will relish in making their own bespoke quilted bedspreads there is an easy, and quicker, option of buying ready-made.

Dining Room

Fogo Inn's dining room was of course beautifully appointed with black table linens and contrasting white tableware. This look is really easy to create at home, just be sure to use plain black table linen and unpretentious plain white tableware.

Additional Comforts:

Use brightly coloured and patterned cushions on chairs, sofa and beds to get the Fogo Inn look.