Hard flooring is a perfect choice for pet owners. Painted or stained concrete is one option that is durable and easily cleaned. Other comparable choices include brick, granite, terrazzo, and ceramic tiles. Ceramic is excellent at resisting pet stains because it is not porous like the majority of natural stone material. Another outstanding choice for pet-friendly interior design is hardwood or laminate flooring. Not only are they simple to clean, they also add texture and warm colour tones. However, some wood surfaces can be easily scratched by pet nails, so a heavy-duty finish is a must. Many companies today offer salvaged or antique wooden flooring such as wooden parquet tiles or re-cut railway sleepers, if you are a fan of the more weathered approach to interior design then this kind of flooring is great for those with dogs as any marks or scratches will only add to the overall character of your flooring. Due to the work involved in finding and, in the case of parquet, laying such floors it can however be a fairly expensive option.

If you choose a hard surface floor, you may want a few area rugs to help soften your living spaces. A cheap rug is much more versatile than carpeting because it can be moved, cleaned, or tossed in the trash. Choose affordable and durable rugs such as sisal, Japanese style mats, sea-grass, or low pile textile rugs. Another option is removable, self-stick carpet tiles. Once the staple flooring of call centres and doctor’s waiting rooms due to their hard wearing but relatively unsightly nature, carpet tiles are now making an impact in more fashion conscious settings such as bars and restaurants due to their hugely improved range of colours and finishes. Carpet tiles can be pulled up, rinsed off, or replaced in the event of a pet incident.

Amongst the most modern flooring types currently popular with interior designers are resin floors. Not only are they completely pet friendly, they come with the added advantage of being completely resistant to staining, liquids and chemical spills. Quickly poured and set in situ, resin floors are about as cool as it gets presently and can be purchased in any colour so are sure to your furniture and fabric items like bedspreads and curtains.

For any hard flooring but especially concrete and resin, I would always advise having under-heating laid in conjunction. Concrete and resin can get fairly cold in winter months and once laid are all but impossible to lift without huge expense.

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