Love Your Colourful Kitchen 7 - Bright Whites

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

A bright white kitchen is a timeless classic design and colour choice. We love white kitchens for their versatility - they easily accept other touches of colour and can carry off a myriad of decorating styles from traditional through to more contemporary. The brightness of pure white means that it is often the perfect solution to smaller kitchens and dark spaces.

Let us take a look together at some decorating inspiration using the mighty white as our dominating and sometimes only colour; fresh, clean and easy to live with. A predominantly white kitchen can be changed frequently with accents of other bright colours; they can be brought in with window blinds, floor rugs and accessories.

For a very modern approach to your kitchen design, choose sleek white cabinetry with a gloss finish and metal hardware. With the light reflective surface of the cabinetry, you could paint an opposite wall in an intense colour such as red or orange. In a kitchen diner, you may want to choose a glass topped dining table that further reflects light and won't take the attention away from the white cabinets and coloured wall.

Do incorporate open shelving to display a collection of glassware - possibly with a few coloured pieces to pick up on where the wall colour left off. The only thing now missing is an earthy presence and grounding - go for a medium to dark wood floor. A predominantly white colour scheme in the kitchen works much better when you have a framing colour such as black. You might call this a monochrome, but we want to point out the 'barely there' black with just a few touches to define the space. This look evokes a slightly formal atmosphere in the kitchen - with a touch of class if you pay attention to details.

Choose smart cabinetry with beautiful carving such as columns on the base of the cabinets and/or island unit. Try to bring in some pattern if you won't be using hints of colour - a soft check in neutrals for café-style curtains or dining chair slip-covers. Your framing black is evident as counter-tops and flooring. If your white kitchen is lacking in charm and character, a touch of blue may work for you. Look for accessories and kitchen textiles with a blue and white pattern such as classic stripes or toile - the two mixing together really well.

A display of blue and white porcelain finds its ideal backdrop of white walls, white Venetian blinds and cabinets; a similar pattern found from curtain fabrics online can be used to dress the inside of glass fronted units and a blue and white striped floor rug to increase the homeliness of your white kitchen.

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