Love Your Colourful Kitchen 6 - Proud Purples

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Purple is one of those colours that a lot of people don't feel connected too - especially the bolder shades such as deep plums or dark violets. It is a powerful colour that turns heads but one that many tend to shy from. Nevertheless, purple décor is dramatic, individual and majestic. A purple kitchen shows that you are not afraid to go where no one has been before! If you are a purple lover then there is no reason why you can't bring it into kitchens successfully and if you are short on ideas - we are here to help.

A kitchen with country charm can be changed dramatically (and in a good way) with purple matte cabinets. It gives the old country look a modern twist without being overbearing. Do allow for the deep purple to be warm as opposed to cold, stay clear of bright whites and go with a soft caramel on the walls and underfoot. Simple chrome handles also helps this charming country kitchen to get a modern update. To make modern country style work, choose vintage décor pieces to be displayed on open shelving and wooden elements for ready made blinds or chunky chopping boards.

For a uber-stylish kitchen that is feminine and full of glam - the colour purple can really do a wonderful job. A vibrant mulberry with gloss finish is used for cabinetry, teamed with a reflective black splash back and black polished floor tiles. Its a seductive kitchen that works especially well in a larger space or open plan layout. You will definitely want to entertain here so look for a suitable island unit or breakfast counter. This room needs a toner - choose natural light wood counter-tops, white ceiling and keep lines simple.

Finish the look with some dazzling lights over the dining area and you have a look to be very proud of. If you love purple but are afraid of using it on cabinets or other long-term pieces, you can always bring it in as an accent. Even a little purple can change the look of your kitchen - giving it a chic designer look. How would we do it? With medium wood cabinetry, slate grey counter-tops, perhaps purple within patterned kitchen rugs and with some stunning purple kitchen blinds.

A refreshing and very contemporary kitchen design with purple is to use it on the walls with paint - choose a medium hue that is neither too rich or too cold. Modern white cabinetry with a seamless look and a medium wood counter-top that is matched with wooden floorboards in the same tone. Keep the room minimalist with upper cabinetry fronted with frosted glass that hides all your kitchen tools and crockery. A very clean look that is easy to live with but a step ahead of all neutral décor.

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