Love Your Colourful Kitchen 3 - Rich Reds

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Red is a bold and daring colour but one that can work really well in stylish kitchens. Furthermore, working with this colour is never as difficult as you would first expect - especially if you have a good connection with it in the first place! This rich hue is said to arouse one's appetite and spark creativity - which provokes the question if there could be a more perfect room to use this colour. If you need some inspiration and a handful of good ideas to get you started - look no further than our suggestions below.

Even an all-white kitchen can be given an interesting turn around by painting units in your chosen red; we like the warmth of reds resembling the natural tone of woods such as cherry. For a charismatic kitchen, paint cabinets with a couple of coats and finish off with a glaze and varnish. Ivory or cream can replace white for walls, counter-tops and back-splashes.

A complimenting blue and white kitchen blinds with gingham pattern gives this kitchen a touch of country appeal. A bold, dark terracotta red has its routes in the Mediterranean and can bring both a classic and contemporary look to your kitchen. Apply this colour to walls, leaving ceilings, skirts and door/window frames a crisp white to keep the space light and crisp. This is a statement colour which works best with some modern stainless steel appliances, a glossy black brought in with granite counter-tops and a medium wood for cabinetry.

Due to its warmth, red can make any kitchen feel more homely and welcoming in an instant - especially when used alongside a rustic style. Rustic cabinetry using natural pine is a good start, an island unit will also act as a focal point and meeting place for all the family. Then, start adding a lively, spicy red by painting the base of the island unit and perhaps one further piece such as a stand alone pantry.

Natural wood flooring will be right on the mark, as would some finishing farmhouse touches - some reclaimed wood stools for the island unit, wooden Venetian blinds in light or natural pine, some dried herbs and displayed white porcelain. Gloss red cabinets are right on trend this year and they really jump out to revitalise a dull kitchen.

Pair it with smooth black counter-tops and accessories, white walls, flooring and stainless steel appliances. Made to measure roller blinds are the perfect window treatment for their clean lines and range of colour - we recommend a plain white or white background with simple red print to match your cabinetry. If you want less contrast, swap black and white with a medium grey for walls, counter-tops and flooring.

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