Love Your Colourful Kitchen 2: Vibrant Greens

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Can we really get enough of the colour green? The answer is no - which is why we are taking it with much anticipation to the kitchen! Vibrant greens, muted greens - they bring an earthy quality to the home and although they are notable for their soothing nature, they too can spark creativity and bring a dash of energy where it is needed. If green is your colour and you want some advice on using it in the kitchen - look no further; we have a handful of great ideas to get you started with this sprightly and loveable hue.

The brighter the green (take chartreuse for example) the more energy your kitchen will evoke. If you are tired of a predominantly neutral scheme then be bold and paint cabinets in a bright green colour. It will be uplifting and continuously fresh with white walls, counter-tops and stainless steel appliances. Muted greens offer a more sophisticated and elegant kitchen - why not start with some new counter-tops in a subtle green granite. Take this colour and use similar shades for a tiled splash-back and wall colour.

Choose reflective surfaces and stainless steel appliances to give it a more modern look. Another popular look you can achieve in your kitchen with green is retro style. This doesn't have to run straight into the seventies avocado period (unless that is what you want of course) - but any sugary green such as spearmint or a cool moss green will make the cooking quarters a fun and family friendly space.

Again, stainless steel will optimise this colour and give it a modern edge. Painting the cabinets in your chosen green will have the most impact and for a total retro vibe - black and white chequered floor tiles or vinyl. Sage green has been popping up in some of the latest contemporary kitchens - it gives the home owner colour without being hard to work with. In a modern kitchen with prominent angular shapes, the use of this colour can further enhance the sense of contemporary style - in a non too offensive way!

Retain warmth and stay on trend by mixing medium wood cabinetry with gloss-finish sage green cabinetry; the final ingredients are stainless steel appliances and streamlined hardware/faucets. A soft green will also beautify the country kitchen when used to paint cabinet fronts and to be picked up again in fabrics such as nature inspired ready made blinds.

Remember to get the true old country look you will want some open shelving, wooden counter-tops which can be teamed with wooden Venetian blinds and a large farmhouse sink. If you prefer to bring it forth to the 21st century, try swapping wooden hardware with metal hardware, an aluminium Venetian blind and fitting contemporary spotlights to illuminate the space.

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