Love Your Colourful Kitchen 1 - Beautiful Blues

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Are you prepared to make the jump towards a colourful and inspiring kitchen? We will be taking a look at a range of colours that can take your kitchen to the next level - sparking your inner creativity and designing a space full of personal flair and rich character.

Beautiful blues have a calming effect which could be needed in the chaotic family kitchen or to pave the way for a traditional or country decorating style. Not everyone agrees with using the colour blue in a kitchen as they say it the exact opposite of appetising red.

We say that you should embrace the colour you love and feel happy being around - if that happens to be blue then take a look at some of our ideas for using this cool hue in the kitchen and discover how even the most tranquil of colours can breathe life into the home.

A very light blue-grey is a good choice for the traditional kitchen, where it meets its perfect match with beaded board cabinet fronts and white counter-tops. If you have a spacious kitchen to accommodate an island unit or an open plan kitchen-diner - look for a dark wood as the island/dining table's surface; this will anchor the room and prevent it from looking too washed out.

White open shelving instead of closed upper cabinets will give the impression of more space in a small kitchen - both metallic or wooden accents will fit in with this design. One of the first images that came to my mind when thinking about blue kitchens was a humble cottage style kitchen with classic blue and white gingham, chunky raw wood counter-tops and vintage crockery.

As with the traditional kitchen, you could give cabinets a base coat of light blue but do frame in white or off-white. Gingham ready made blinds or curtains for the kitchen at the window and blue and white crockery displayed on the walls will help to give it that simple cottage charm.

Add a blue and green kitchen rug to bring a cohesive look without going overboard. In a sleek, contemporary kitchen you may find a bolder blue will work harder. With reflective or steely finishes, a bold blue will stop the space from feeling to cold or austere.

Use it by painting a focal wall and adding the same or similar hue into details such as a coloured pendant lamp over a dining space or beautiful blue ready made roller blinds at the window. A second colour will further warm up your kitchen - try a subtle yellow hue on an adjacent wall or a decorative bowel filled with juicy lemons. One more quick idea for adding blue to the kitchen is with a mosaic tiled back-splash - try to mix the tiles with matte and gloss finishes which will make it that little bit more striking and individual.

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