Looking At Lounges – Part 3 – Touches Of Deco

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Art Deco changed the entire look of peoples homes as mass production made it affordable for most to adopt the deco style. Overseas travel became increasingly popular, especially safaris which were all the rage and people returned with animal skins, mother of pearl, ivory and tortoiseshell to adorn their homes. After the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes were seen as trendy accessories along with being depicted on everything! The walls: Walls were creams, greens and beige, with oyster and eau-de-nil suit seen in living rooms and bedrooms.

The floors: Plain polished parquet is ideal when recreating this style, linoleum in abstract designs or black and white chequerboard vinyl tiles are also typical of the period and used in kitchens and dining rooms. To protect parquet floors large rugs with geometric patterns would have been used. For those who could afford the very best rugs made by artists such as Duncan Grant would have taken pride of place.

Lighting: The now much sought after lights featuring female figures holding the ball of the lamp are typical of this style. Also lookout for chrome, which was a brand new material at the time along with etched or sandblasted glass. Seating: Opt for streamlined shapes for furniture and in single pieces rather than complete suites. Although today two seater sofas look in keeping with the deco style.

Window dressing: Plain or geometric patterns on curtain fabrics are ideal. Ready made curtains with luxury three inch headings are probably the best choice, today's eyelet curtains weren't about so it's wide to shy away from these. Curtain rails rather than curtain poles add to the authenticity of deco style. Look for shiny fabrics which emphasise and compliment mirrors, glass and chrome. Accessories: Use the same fabrics as your curtains to bring cohesion to the room, you should also include solid blocks of colour, with black being typically used.

Look for motifs inspired by nature such as shells, flowers and sunrises. For a theatrical contrast use highly polished wood furniture or high gloss black lacquer and mix with faux furs and satin. Did you know? The stepped profile is the epitome of the art deco shape, found everywhere from up-lighters to picture surrounds. You should also look for zigzags, chevrons and lightning bolts and use them were you can!

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