Looking at lounges – part 2 – family room

For busy rooms which are used on a daily basis it's a good idea to choose a calming colour scheme or cool shades. The walls:Although magnolia maybe yesterday's colour, warm beige and coffee latte colours remain on-trend. If you want a more dramatic effect you could paint the skirting boards gloss black, however, this is not really advisable if you have young children because any chips from accidental knocks by toys will stick out like a sore thumb! Natural wooden skirting boards look great and are hard wearing.

The floor

As we know fitted carpets are out and sanded floorboards or natural wood laminate flooring is in. Use rugs to create a warm and homely feel.

Focal point

If you live in an older styled home the fireplace makes a create focal point, especially if you paint the chimney breast a contrasting colour to the other three walls. For more life styles the television and home entertainment systems usually make the focal point. Disguise your TV in a wooden cabinet if it's not the latest state of the art flat screen plasma!


Central lighting is nearly always seen in busy living spaces, choose modern styles which provide enough light for formal occasions and use table and floor lamps to provide a more relaxed and subdued lighting for lazy evenings watching TV.


Today a couple of two seater sofas provide the same amount of seating as a traditional three piece suite, obviously you need to consider the size of your room and the number of doors to make the most of the space you have. In modern homes modular seating is a great idea. Add fun soft oversized floor cushions or beanbag styles for informal additional seating. If you have a bay window an Ottoman or window seat maximises the space and also provides storage for children's toys! Cover with curtain fabrics which either match or compliment your window dressing or sofas

Window dressing

Venetian blinds are ideal for all styles of homes and provide a great replacement for traditional net curtains. If you have wooden flooring marry wooden Venetian blinds in the same colour. Patterned floor length ready made curtains with an eyelet heading offer a stylish look with beautiful wave pleats which suits all styles of homes. Remember to use patterned curtains if you have plain walls and plain curtains if your walls are patterned, otherwise you may find that the room becomes too overpowering and confusing. Big bold patterns are in this years, but use them wisely otherwise you'll loose the calming effect you're trying to achieve.


Family photographs or photographs of children never look out of place in family rooms.

Top tip

Make your own wall art by using curtain fabrics stretched over cheap canvas boards create a great look which can help tie the room together if you use the same fabrics for cushions or pick an accent colour from your curtains.

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