Looking at lounges - part 1 – country cottage style

If you want to turn a living room or lounge into a cosy and chic country cottage retreat you'll need to use warm colours, light flooring, soft lighting to brighten up a small cottage living room and turn it into a light, airy living space.

The walls:

Paint them a muted yellow to bring warmth into the room and create a cosy feel, alternatively a colour combination of caramel beige and red will also provide a natural glow.

The floor:

Sand the floorboards and varnish to produce a reflective effect on the boards as this will help to lighten up the room. If there are original stone floors it may be worth seeing if you can clean them up to their former glory to give an authentic and on-trend look. Add a large patterned rug to retain the cosy feel.

Focal point:

Make the chimney-breast a feature of the room by adding a wood-burning stove if you don't want the dust created by an open fire. Make the fireplace the central feature of the room. Use brass and natural accessories to give the room rustic charm.


Wall light or old style floor lamps with large shades are ideal, remember to keep the lighting soft to give the room warmth and a homely ambience.


Contrast the yellow walls with a red sofa and a few yellow cushions. Try and include a wooden chair, a rocking chair will continue the rustic country theme.

Window dressing:

Full length ready made curtains will help to block out draughts in the winter. Keep the patterned unobtrusive to prevent the curtains from overpowering the room. Curtains with matching pelmets look great in a country cottage, add matching tie back to enable as much natural light as possible to enter the room during the day. If you prefer not to have a pelmet wooden curtain poles, in the same colour as the floor and furniture are the ideal way to hang the curtains and bring balance to the room.


Use natural wood in a room with wooden furniture for the rustic farmhouse look and use bright coloured curtain fabrics to make cushions which tie in with your colour scheme. Did you know? In order for a home to be authentically called a 'cottage' the stairs must be accessible from the lounge. Traditionally there would be a door which closed the stairs off so that it can't be seen!

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