Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular and a practical way to keep fit within the comfort of your own home – ideal for keeping you motivated as well as not giving you any excuses about the weather, getting to the local gym or paying the membership fees. If you're a real exercise enthusiast or need a home gym as part of a rehabilitation process then using your loft to house the necessary gym equipment may be worth the initial investments. We can't emphasise enough the importance of obtaining the correct planning permission before you embark on your loft conversion project. Don't forget to include where the windows are going to be sited within your plans. Many people are unaware that you can't just put a skylight or dormer window anywhere you like – sometimes permission isn't granted for windows at the front of the house or if they overlook neighbours. So, chat with your builder and make sure the plans are submitted correctly. Once all planning permissions are granted the work can begin. Flooring has to be substantial to meet building regulations, however, if you're going to include heavy gym equipment you need to ensure the flooring can support the extra weight. Use non-slip flooring and of course add your own exercise matting where you need it. Large rugs add a homely feel for those who shy away from the whole gym ethos. Plain walls in light soft colours are ideal. Use inspirational wall art to help keep you motivated while you work out! Add large wall mirrors to make the room look larger and to use to help your train. Window dressings are easy to chose, simply because you'll need some type of window blinds. Skylight blinds will add style, choose designs which have reducing properties to help you stay cool during the summer. If you do need privacy along with the ability to control natural light Velux Venetian skylight blinds are an ideal option. Artificial lighting needs to be bright and efficient. Strip lights are a great idea and if you have dark or gloomy corners highlight these with spot lighting or floor lamps. Make sure you have sufficient lighting to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. If you want to go the 'whole hog' place a plasma television on the wall and watch motivational DVDs or listen to music while you do your workout and exercises!

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