If you're one of the thousands of people who have decided to maximise the space in their loft to accommodate a growing family, need a home office or an extra lounge, rather than having the expense and hassle of moving – this week we have a whole host of interior design ideas for loft conversions starting with kid's bedrooms. Before you embark on any major re-structuring of your house make sure you obtain any building permissions that may be necessary. Loft spaces can really maximise the space in your home when carried out correctly. It may be a good idea to ask for expert advice from architects to help you plan the room as loft conversions aren't always as easy as they sound! Head height is often a problem due to the slope of the roof which is why many people chose to make their loft into a child's bedroom or spare guest room. Think about where you'll place the furniture to maximise the space efficiently. Getting light into the room will also need careful consideration and usually planning permission. There are some very strange laws which date back centuries which you may have to abide by; for example you may find that dormer style windows won't be granted planning permission where as skylight windows will be fine. Skylight windows can also work out to be less expensive than dormer windows, so ask your builder for quotations for both styles before you make a decision. Once all the building works are completed you can set to with the interior design. Use the basic principles of choosing a colour scheme which will make the room feel lighter and airer, such as white, cream or beiges. If your conversion spans the length of your home – making it large and spacious – darker shades can be used to great effect. If you've opted for Velux style skylight windows, roller blinds are the perfect window dressing. These window blinds have blackout properties to help keep light out and reduce heat build-up during the summer months. Fitting neatly onto the window frame they are with out a doubt the only really effective window dressing. It's important to realise that each of the skylight window manufactures make their skylights at different sizes, therefore you should use the skylight blinds which have been produced with their window sizes in mind. Coordinate your furnishings and furniture to suit the style of the room. Use accessories wisely as you don't want the room to be too cluttered otherwise you run the risk of making the space feel claustrophobic and cramped.

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