Location, location, location: bring the world into your home

The world really is a wondrous place with many nook’s and cranny’s to visit and explore whether it’s on foot , by car, train or plane there is so much to see, take in and really be inspired by. If you’re quite the traveller yourself and gearing up for an expedition, it’s safe to say that you’re not going to get very far without some directions.

Nothing beats a sat nav than a good old map I say as they don't need a connection, batteries, an automated voice or ask repeatedly for a U-turn, just be sure when you read it its not upside down and your good to go. Guiding us on our journey’s, maps not only point us in the right direction as we chart across the globe but also act as keepsakes and sources of inspiration that have influenced Collage of maps being used to decorate the home Large old style city map above a bed

Source: Crush Cul de Sac

As seen in the bedroom space here, incorporating an authentic large scale sepia map that may even be a memoir of a past holiday or place you used to live can make for a very eye catching form of decorative wall art. Really adding intricate detail to the room, unique pieces like this are great conversation starters if you happen to have family staying or visitors round. This geographic wall piece contrast really well with the white and beige furnishings and decorative elements added to the room, filling up any blank open spaces and giving the room its own sense of character. Coloured world map, with purple dining table in the foreground

Source: The Kitchn

Another exciting and interesting point is maps can come in all sorts of not just size but colours to , if you’re the type of person who admires bright colour palettes and likes to experiment creatively with it in any aspect of your home then this dining area is a great source for idea's and inspiration. Looking closely you can see splashes of coloured continents that seem to flow out from the globe embellishing this living space and travelling from the page to the chairs and accessories which really make this room unique. A second collage of maps used to decoate the home Uk map in a green kids bedroom

Source: Majesty Maps

Scandinavian dining table and green plastic chairs with world map in the background

Source: Nordic Design

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