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Choosing the right colours is the single most important decision you will make when designing any interior room scheme, and getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. There are thousands of different colours to choose from, so choosing the right ones, that will combine well and look stunning in your home, can seem a daunting task.

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Amazingly, the human eye can see the difference between around seven million colours, but most of us tend to opt for shades that we feel safe and comfortable with as we don’t have the confidence to choose more unusual ones. Fortunately there is some ‘science’ to what will and won't work when it comes to choosing and combining colour and, to what various colours represent and imbue. When it is decorated with sensitivity and confidence, the natural features of any home are enhanced, giving full expression to the taste and personality of the owner.

Our Living with Colour blog posts will help you to achieve just that by taking a comprehensive and concise look at what colours work where and why. Red has to be one of the strongest colours in the colour spectrum, not only for its bright and eye catching variety of shades but also for the strong emotions we relate with it. Its connotations range from passion and warmth to danger and anger. Throughout history red has been highly used in art to evoke feelings and draw attention to objects. Red makes objects appear closer than they are and can often be used to make the object in question the centre of attention.

Red Interior Design

This could be something to think about if you have a relatively plain room. Instead of going for a feature wall of block colour, you could simply add accents of red such as cushions or ornaments. Dotted around the room, these accents will add interest and intrigue to your home and draw your eye around the room via specific objects. Red is a highly flattering and warming colour which makes it perfect for use in a reception room, kitchen or a dining room. This stunning colour is passionate, explosive, forward, reputed to embody depth and wisdom and deliver the ‘wow’ factor! It is guaranteed to keep the conversation going in the dining room as it is reputed to feed the appetite.

Whilst a sensational shade for the living room red is not known for its restful properties so it’s probably best to not use too much red in bed rooms or children’s rooms as red can be said to be a “maddening” colour. Red can be mixed with other shades to either tone it down or amp it up depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Adding white or creams has a calming effect on this fiery shade, whilst introducing black adds depth and intense drama! Check back soon to find out more from our Living with Colour section

Living with Colour Red Interior Design

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