Living room love: pretty as a picture

This year pastels have been given a bit of a boost simply by notching up the hue to slightly deep shades with more intensity. Although this means that the colours aren't classified as pastels per se the same colour combinations that are used in a pastel colour schemes still sit comfortably next to one another to create a living room which is pretty as a picture and has a distinctive nod towards femininity.

Rather than using brilliant white, which can be a little too harsh on the eyes, use white which have undertones of pink to provide a warm look to walls and even ceilings. Introduce colour and patterns via furniture and soft furnishings. Floral blinds and curtains make the ideal window dressing and the style can be altered to suit your interior design style.

For example, a more traditional living room can make use of full length curtains to make a focal point of large picture windows, while a more modern living room will suit ready made roman blinds uk and ringtop curtains. It's worth considering new trends of having both plain and patterned curtains; it's easy to achieve the look, simply have one neutral curtain next to a deeper plain colour and finish with a floral patterned curtain – all three of these curtains sit side-by-side on either side of the window when opened and when closed at night you'll have alternating colours and patterns.

Ideally you should have a large window for this window dressing style to look its best, but it can also work for smaller windows simply by using the wall space as well. This will also make small windows appear much wider. Include mirrors, another of this year's interior design trends, to help make your living room feel lighter and larger.

Flooring can be either wooden or carpeted, plain is preferable so that the floor doesn't clash with the rest of the décor, if you want a little underfoot comfort or have high ceilings a coloured rug can help to ground your colour scheme and give feet a soft texture to walk on. Furniture can also be re-covered or reupholstered in plain and patterned prints which have the same colour tones as the curtains so that the room has a natural flow.

Additional accessories, such as cushions should continue the theme in terms of both colour and pattern. This mix and match style of decorating is becoming increasingly popular as people want their living rooms to look unique and pretty as a picture rather than run-of-the-mill.

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