Living room love: organic optimism

This year the drive towards using natural and organic materials is our homes is forecast to gather momentum. As we strive to lower our carbon footprint in a bid to help save the planet our homes and their contents have never been so closely scrutinised. Organic optimism shows a willingness to embrace new trends without our homes becoming devoid of any style. It's easy to say that you'll only use natural materials, especially those which have huge air-miles attached to them, however, when push comes to shove we have to admit that finding these items at affordable prices has also become easier due to the revolution in Internet shopping.

No longer are we tied to the few lines of furniture and soft furnishings our local stores had in stock. Today we can shop online for anything we like and have copious numbers of choices to-boot. In living rooms we can choose furnishings which suit the style of our home and our budgets, while keeping a careful eye on the materials they're made from. It may not be everyone's cup of tea to use blocks of wood as coffee and occasional tables, however, as more and more interior designers include these type of items in their designs the more readily available they become to us the consumer.

You can also play your part and create a stunning looking living room which is filled with organic optimism, even if it means starting small and making a conscious effort to replace furniture and furnishings with organic materials when the time comes. Choosing fabrics for your window dressings made from natural materials is a great way to start. Ready made roman blinds uk will give you plenty of colour and pattern choices to suit your living room colour scheme and décor.

If you want to use curtains go for ringtop curtains which can be hung from wooden curtain poles rather than man-made plastic tracks. Your window dressings doesn't have to be bland and boring there are plenty of floral blinds and curtains made from organic materials and fabrics; look for linen and 100% cottons. For flooring the trend for stripped floorboards or new wooden flooring also remains on-trend and again there are plenty of woods which come from sustainable and managed sources.

If you have floorboards under your carpet you can 'reclaim' them; it may take a little effort to sand and polish them but you can rest easy knowing that you're not walking on a synthetically made floor covering. Organic optimism can work really well in many different styles of homes, it's just a matter of making informed choices the next time you up-date your living room and its soft furnishings.

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