Living room love: free-spirited

This interior design style steers away from styles which are designed on rules of what we should and what we should not have in our living rooms and allows us to express ourselves through our choices of furnishings and furniture. Fuelled with excitement and energy free-spirited design allows us to be ourselves and incorporate emotions such as humour, whimsy and moods.

The conception of free-spirited interiors began back in the 1960s, following the new trends to embrace life and follow our hearts rather than our heads. This doesn't mean that you have to have a retro 60s styled living room, what it does means is that you can choose what you want to include in your living room without constraint; there is order in the style so it's not a get-out clause for clutter and disorganised chaos.

As there's no prescriptivism in this style you can feel free to include what you like and what has meaning to you personally. Yes, you'll want seating but you don't have to have a standard sofa and two chairs. You can chose different styles of chairs if you wish just as long as they have a common ground. You can be inspired by travels and metaphorically return the places each time you enter your living room. As with any interior design colour, pattern and texture will play a huge role in making the room a success.

Bare brick or wooden floors can look stunning and for additional colour and texture rugs can be used. Windows covering can have be what you like, floral blinds and curtains or plain black curtains the choice is yours. To create a natural flow in the room it's wise to keep all but you focal point on a level playing field otherwise the room can feel and look too gaudy and fussy.

Make sure your focal point does its job properly and draws the eye to it automatically when you or anyone else enters the room, while the flow enables the eyes to follow the theme around the room naturally stopping to admire or take interest in every aspect. Being a free-spirit will help you to make the right choices, you'll know instinctively when something is out of kilter or doesn't feel right in your living room. It is worth giving this interior design style consideration if you're fed up with the humdrum of life and want to have ways and means to express your inner-self.

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