Living Room Decorating Trends 7: Final Thoughts

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

In this final post of our mini-series 'Living Room Decorating Trends', we're going to look at a few more very simple, budget friendly interior design ideas to bring a new lease of life to your living room.

  • Strategically place mirrors to make a small space look larger. It brightens a room, if natural light is reflected and if you have an awesome view out the window, consider putting a mirror on the opposite wall to double your enjoyment.
  • Low-cost armchair tables can be made with a luggage rack and a plain glass picture frame, or a wooden patio table can be used by adding a coat of lacquer and a framed mirror top.
  • If you want to bring out the natural tones of a hardwood floor, consider brown rugs and cushions and throws in browns, blues, greens or gold.
  • If you love accessories that have a lot of patterns and appear busier, consider a neutral wall colour and neutral slip-covers for your furniture, to make it look like an organised design plan.
  • You can create a formal dining area, if there isn't enough room in your eat-in kitchen. Make your living room more 'liveable' and you might see how getting away from standard placement, could be the proper solution.
  • When thinking about the newest design trends in furniture placement, you can create your own focal points and consider different functional groupings for a comfortable and more liveable space. It can be as simple as an unusual piece of artwork from the local flea market or as elaborate as a built-in water-wall and Koi pond if you want a contemporary look.
  • Furnishings can be personalised easier because you might want to use existing furniture and spruce it up with slip-covers, if it is still functional. If you are purchasing new furnishings, consider multi-functional furniture, such as a sofa that turns into a guest bed or a coffee table that has plenty of hidden storage. Make sure a large room gets larger furniture, while a smaller space demands a smaller-scale. Measuring before a purchase is always sound advice.
  • Accessorising is the easiest part of personalising your living room, but avoid too much clutter. A few strategically placed accessories are more attractive than a bunch of smaller ones. It's easier to keep your space clean and comfortable by answering a few questions about personalising your living room. Keep your space functional, but not too crowded for an on-trend look which makes your house a home to be proud of.

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