Living Room Decorating Trends 6: Updating Your Furnishings

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

When it comes to one of the most important rooms of your home, the decorating trends in living room furnishings are a major consideration. While it seems they run the gamut of styles and colours, it's only a matter of thinking up comfortable ideas that make your living room have its own distinct characteristics. Depending on your budget, it's possible to transform your space easily, when you consider a different type of ambience.

While many people decide to change their wall colours, they might feel they are stuck with the furnishings they already have. Decorating trends offer some design ideas you can utilise, if this is the case. For example, old furniture can be made new again, whether you decide to refinish your coffee table and end tables with a colourful shade of high-gloss lacquer or you are handy as a seamstress and can make a unique and colourful slip-cover for the couch.

In fact, you might consider a patchwork quilt style of re-upholstery, made from different shades of velveteen and silk to complement your wall colours and update vintage furniture from flea markets. While reupholstering your old furniture is cheaper than purchasing new, think about unique, but colourful ways to make it part of your decorating scheme.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might want a subdued and classier look, including leather or suede coverings in a neutral shade. Browns, greys and black seem to never go out of style, but only consider white or light beige, if you have no children and no pets! The key to this decorating style is to accessorise with colourful cushions and throws, a few strategically placed vases, a zebra rug and indirect lighting can add interest to the room.

Refurbishing cheap table lamps is a consideration and you can tackle these DIY projects with ideas that range from wrapping the lamp base in raffia, crepe paper decoupage, lacquering with high gloss or some of the instant transformation spray paints, like crackling, granite or chrome. When you look at some of the most recent decorating trends, it's possible to consider renewable options that let you make 'old' furnishings 'new' again.

With some of the DIY projects, you can spend very little money, but get big results when you use a little creativity. Getting valuable decorating results and interior design ideas with a minimal investment seems to be one of the latest trends.

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