Living Room Decorating Trends 4: Living Room Design Styles Part 2

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Carrying on from yesterday's post we're going to take a brief look at a couple of interior design styles which are the most popular, as they're easy to replicate; taking a little bit of history for a more formal style or mixing different pieces and styles to create an eclectic look which suits all styles of homes and budgets.


Traditional-styled living rooms will feature rich woods, conservative-styled furniture. Furnishings are more predictable, yet they can be elegant. Gilded mirrors, brass candlesticks and a grand piano might be found in these living rooms. Made to measure blinds or curtains held back with curtain tie backs UK to sweep them open from the centre to add a touch of luxury to window treatments. Comfort and timelessness are two important factors, but this can be incorporated with classic furniture of different varieties.


For those that have a little bit of everything and need some versatility, your eclectic style can become a mixture of things that are meant to be together, regardless of the difference in age, design or ethnicity. If you blend things that have something in common, such as textures or colours, it can help you develop an eclectic interior design-styled living room.

Consider grouping oriental items close to a bamboo tree in the corner or pastel coloured vases on the white-lacquered mantel. Using your imagination and getting interior design ideas from magazine or online blogs is easy, which is why this design style is so popular for many home-owners that have a limited budget for their living room makeover. It's possible to take advantage of a few basic materials and transform your living room space, but you need to decide whether you want to create a stunning effect or a more subdued, yet comfortable appearance.

Don't forget to consider area rugs, when it comes to transforming your space because it can change the entire appearance of the room. Whether you choose woven grasses, oriental or Indian rugs, you can set the style of the room, if you carefully consider this investment. Since they run a complete range of sizes and prices, it is a matter of deciding on what your preference is, in this regard. Most people will think about area rugs to add warmth to wood floors, but even carpeted spaces can benefit from this addition.

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