Living Room Decorating Trends 3: Living Room Design Styles Part 1

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

When it comes to popular living room design styles, there are some that seem to be timeless choices and there are different interpretations of them. If you are having a difficult time defining your space, there are helpful hints for all different types of unique living room situations, but if you incorporate a particular style, it can make it easier to define the main components and the accessories you should consider.


For example, contemporary living room designs will have a neutral colour palette with limited highlights of bold colour or bright white. Furniture will typically have straight lines, although it will sometimes feature softened lines, with rounded elements. Black, white, grey and beige or brown tones are popular in contemporary design styles, but you might see other neutrals of slate blue or dusty rose, with black and white accents, for example.


Not to be confused with contemporary-modern-styled living rooms are filled with straight lines and geometric shapes, along with a neutral palette of colours. Mid-century modern is slightly different, but it is comfortable, providing plenty of windows and it is associated with great-room layouts. It might refer to a living room style that is reminiscent of a family room, featuring a mixture of large plants and natural shapes, such as stone-walled fireplaces and slate floors with cheap rugs to add a homely warmth.


Cottage styling is characterised by colourful pastel-painted woods and overstuffed, comfortable seating with small, floral-inspired prints. Rounded, subtle lines are typical and the small spaces might have pillow-lined window seats and floral ready made curtains in a complimentary pattern and colour, or built-in storage with shelving for displays of interesting trinkets. When you think of cottage design styles, they are typically colourful and comfortable to look at and relax in, but perfect for small spaces.


Romantic living room design styles are similar to cottage styling in certain ways. You will find pastel colours, small floral prints and it is considered to have a feminine appeal, more than anything. You are likely to find flowers in antique vases, Victorian-style seating and candles, along with frilly lace and ribbon accents, among the sheer tab top voile curtains.

Mediterranean Influences

Spanish or Mediterranean influence is popular, especially for South-western homes, but it can be popular anywhere. Whether you love it for the interesting architectural arches, wrought iron or rustic woods, you can use a bright colour palette. If you think of Mexican influences or South-western colours, you will see a lot of terracotta, golden yellows, cobalt blues and jade greens, but reds and even pastel shades are also popular.

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