Living Room Decorating Trends 2: Liveable Living Room Furniture Placement

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Do you have a strange living room shape or you have no idea where to start, when it comes to proper furniture placement? If so, you might take advantage of decorating trends in furniture placement that are used by the experts. The most helpful tool is using cardboard furniture templates, with a simulated space, built to scale.

This helps you move the furnishings around, without moving them physically, saving a lot of effort! You can experiment with different arrangements that might include a larger area for group conversations and small groupings for intimate spaces. When looking at the most popular furniture placement ideas, the first thing to do is find the room's focal point. If you have a large feature, such as picture windows or sliding glass doors, your furniture should be placed to where these views become part of your space.

Many people will make the mistake of placing a sofa beneath a picture window, but it might be better to place your sofa in the centre of the room, facing the outdoors and build your larger conversational area around this focal point. The ideal seating arrangement will include enough space for at least six people. Small spaces can demand some creativity, but building a window seat might create more seating and provide additional storage space, too.

Pay special attention to the size of your furniture because coffee tables and end tables are available in smaller versions and a large sectional might need a few pieces eliminated, to make the space seem larger. If you have existing furniture that needs a little sprucing up, you might look at the attractive options of cushions and throws, but you can always consider reupholstering in any colour, assuming you have neutral walls!

For rooms that are too large for standard furniture, some interior designers will make multiple seating areas or functional spaces. These can be defined with large brown rugs that hide previous spills or excessive soiling, but don't forget that different areas can be defined with furniture placement that consists of groupings, too.

Large living rooms might be the perfect spot to set up entertainment areas, whether it is a pool table or a big-screen television and an interactive game console. If you are just learning about interior design ideas and trends, furniture placement has become more essential because traditional living rooms aren't so traditional, any more! You might need to use a variety of multiple-function settings and create your own focal point in a room that doesn't have a fireplace, picture window, large entertainment wall or built-in bookshelves.

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