More often than not we always wish we had that little extra storage space to place our things, making clutter look less cluttered to say the least.  Whether you want to store away that hoard of shoes, hide some early Christmas presents or simply store miscellaneous bits and bobs then under bed storage maybe perfect for you. So to solve those storage troubles here are 5 amazing under bed storage ideas for you to try.    
  1. Storage beds: This is a perfect bed investment to solve your storage woes; there are a variety of unique beds available on the market with built in under bed storage. They come in a variety of designs and styles to suit a range of tastes, each with built in storage properties perfect for storing your belongings keeping your bedroom looking neat and tidy.
  2. Storage boxes:  If there is space under that bed of yours that’s currently clutter and dust bunny free, why not use sealable storage boxes to hide your bits and bobs. You can find both plastic and fabric based storage boxes with zips that easily slide underneath your bed with ease.  Due to their unique shapes and designs most storage boxes are stackable and can accommodate a variety of things from shoes and more.
  3. Vacuum storage bags: If you’ve got a vast collection of bedding, pillows, duvets or clothes you can’t find a home for then air tight storage bags maybe ideal for you. You can simply place your fabric based items inside and upon sealing the lip use a vacuum to remove all the air from the items inside. Not only does this give you extra space to store more belongings but it also makes it easier for you to reclaim the items when you need them by simply unzipping to freshen them up.
  4. Up cycled old draws:  Perfect for those of you who love a bit of a challenge and like to up cycle, why not turn those old draws into something to suit your storage needs? Simply attach 4 wheels to the underside an unused sets of draws, repaint them to your colour of choice and simple place them under your bed. The wheels make it easier to manoeuvre the draws as and when you need to with ease, making them ideal for bedrooms with wooden floors.
  5. Weaved baskets: Our last under bed storage solution are the weave baskets. Ideal for bedrooms styling a more natural and shabby chic look, you can use weaved baskets to store a variety of belongings things out of sight. There are a variety of weaved storage basket sizes available to suit your bed size of choice whether single or king size.

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