Take any everyday object and turn into a stylish lamp – what could be easier?! Be inspired to transform the mundane into the fabulous with this selection of innovative ideas. 20_1338432881844

Global Market

A broom transformed into a lamp – amazing! HatLamp3

Design Diffusion

A floppy sun-hat turned into a ceiling light-shade brings a stylish hippie vibe to a room. q_41058_06

Archi Products

I love this gigantic HB pencil light! Forkalier-1-537x322


An ingenious way to give forks a new lease of life. 6a28fe80869f2411e61c0541fe67a3be


I never knew cheese graters could look so amazing! paintroller_lamp_2


Add a touch of fun to your room with a paint roller wall light. 01_bubblegum_lamp-004

Pay Load 137

Bubble gum blowing can be a great source of inspiration! DIY_light_LEDballoons

Electronic Products

These LED balloons are great for a child's room; alternatively they'd make great party lighting. ryanfrank10

Scrap Hacker

A plastic stacking box transformed into a floor lamp. black-cherry-two-red

Decoration Lovers

This brilliant lamp proves that life is just a bowl of cherries! c66d0f3f43aa6c311cdff849ef6ec5be71bdabd8


The ideal lamp for a Shabby Chic motif? It's pretty and ingenious. BP_Flea-Market-Flip-312H-Roofing-Hook-Light_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.853

DIY Network

Large roofing hooks used to suspend clear light bulbs look amazing in an industrial style home. 51f5f85a4bbe59617de02560e744732c

Dorar Aliraq

This old kettle has been painstakingly circular pattern cut to turn it into a stunning light. taradonovan05

Studio Make Light

Believe it or not this ceiling light is made from Styrofoam cups. Make-your-own-lampshades-chandelier-broken-crockery-craft-ideas-300x270

1 Decor

Made from test-tubes this chandelier pendant light has both style and function.

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