Life's a beach – fabulous finds for coastal themes

It wasn't until I started researching for this post that I realised the phrase ' life's a beach' had 2 completely different meanings! I thought it a great title for the post as coastal finds and themes for rooms are so much fun as well as taking us back to nature, the beauty of the sea, shore and marine animals – then it was pointed out that the other meaning wasn't so nice....lest I offend anyone my intention is to bring you the best of the beach themes and ideas, along with fabulous finds (colours, textures, shells, boats etc.) for coastal themes to inspire you to adopt this on-trend theme in your home.

Bright, breezy and full of furnishings inspire by the coast is a great way to bring new colour and style to your living room. Classical blue and white are the basis for the theme, after which you can add as many soft furnishings and coastal themed accessories to bring the room together. Wave Border Design On Bedroom Walls, And Nautical Accessories

Image: axsoris

Surfer girl bedroom is a fabulous theme for a tween or teen. Oceanic blues and greens pave the way for a trendy room with the opportunity to add your own personal touches. Light Blue And White Nautical Living Space, Overlooking The Sea

Image: organicthemes

Classical white with fine blue pinstripes epitomises a coastal theme. This look is mature and sophisticated but also allows for touches of whimsy and light-heartedness via soft furnishings. With a nod towards masculinity it's easy to give a living room a mature look for men. With a creamy white background wooden elements of oars, driftwood and other natural materials offer a chic style which sits comfortably within the coastal genre. Four Shell Diagrams On A Blue Wall And Dark Dining Table In The Foreground

Image: signaturejordan

Give your dining room a coastal makeover to create a stylish room which is easy on the eye and yet sufficiently formal to allow for grandiose diner parties should the need arise.

Funky Shell Mirror Frame In A Blue Nautical Themed Bathroom

Image: homeposh

The bathroom is the one room which many people use a coastal theme; presumably because of the natural link to water. Go up-market by using natural materials wherever you can. Driftwood mirrors or mirror frames decorated with sea-shells can be given an adult look which oozes chic styling without a glance at anything tacky or kitsch.

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