Lets here it for the kids! 2 - nurseries for their dreams

Nurseries that will not only make your babies dream, but designs that will make you want to spend more time in them! To put it simply - these nursery ideas are gorgeous and full of visual entertainment. As your baby grows and becomes more aware of their surroundings, nurseries for their dreams will stimulate their mind and give their little peepers lots of fascinating colours and shapes to muse over.

It is a waste to be bland in a nursery - give them the best start in life by providing them a cosy, joyful and enchanting one instead.

  • Give your baby a trendy start in life with a cool mod style nursery that moves away from pastel overload; a brighter palette using blues and greens is softened with a dark chocolate brown and white. The absence of patterns or themes makes it easy to go bolder with colour choices and these colours will be more stimulating for your baby.

The other success of designing a nursery in this way is that it will save you time and money in the long run; when baby turns into a tween overnight you will be happy to have chosen a transitional nursery!

  • Choose a few shades of green and blue; try to create a wall using square blocks of colour and border them with white. White furniture will keep it looking fresh and touches of brights can be added to floor rugs and soft toys.
  • All pink for girls? No! Pink and yellow would be nice for a change; a contemporary look for baby girls that doesn't imitate nurseries of the past (all those frills, all those chalky pinks). Don't be afraid of using some bolder hues of pink and yellow when decorating your babies room; it won't look at all bad when you use light wood flooring and white furniture. Try a sunny yellow paint on the walls with white mouldings and ceiling, beautiful yellow and pink ready made blinds with pretty bows ties down the front and popping pink coloured baskets on open shelving.
  • Using a medium wood for nursery furniture such as teak or a lighter one such as pine, is a very classic look that has some country charm and of course - the cosiness and warmth that comes with it. It is a timeless look that offers some sophistication; it doesn't have to be grown-up though when you select the right textiles and curtain fabrics online. Keep it baby friendly by using a cream for three walls and a soft blue on the fourth. A cream floor rug by the cot, childrens blackout curtains in blue and accents in red with a ceiling mobile, lampshade and toys for displaying.

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