Lets here it for the kids 1 - colourful bedroom ideas

This week we want to make your children our priority and give helpful advice, inspiring ideas and amazing tips for decorating their bedrooms. From the moment they come into the world they are special and the least we can do is give them a comfortable home full of unconditional love!

Our colourful bedroom ideas are going to make your kids so full of cheer. The great thing about using colour in children's bedrooms is that you can get away with using various brights together; for us adults it can be too busy for a tired mind, but children love to be around crazy colours (just think of Smarties!)

Don't be worried though - when the time comes, they can still sleep soundly amongst colour with the right lighting and window treatments. So if you are looking for ways to make your kid's rooms more desirable to them - think colour! · You can link your colour palette to a specific theme in children's bedrooms for added adventure.

An example could be an animal/zoo theme which will work for little girls and little boys. They might have a favourite animal which can further help you when choosing textiles and accessories. My favourite animal is the tiger, so I would have been thrilled to have stripes on the wall in cream and gold (this has the benefit of carrying through in their teens as animal prints are always on-trend), a large play rug with tigers prowling around its borders and some cool tiger pictures for the wall.

A vibrant orange would look great for a blackout roller blind and bedding. · You can literally incorporate all the colours of the rainbow in rooms with lots of space and light. A light wood flooring or carpet would help to tone down the business of colour and a block colour on the walls. Its with the textiles that you can really spark their imagination - choose bright pink or lime green curtains and then add blinds that have a multi-coloured pattern (vertical stripes are good for their uniform look).

Take colours from the roller blind to help you choose pillow covers and perhaps you can find a matching duvet cover sets? Further pops of colour can be brought in with kid-friendly stools and bedside lamps.

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