Lets Hear It For The Kids! 7 - Clever Storage Ideas

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

If there is one thing that you must get right in decorating a child's room it is the issue of storage. Think about it, even if you give them a beautiful window treatment, gorgeous duvet cover sets or amazing accessories - it won't shine if the room is cluttered or without any plan for organisation.

When there are hundreds of toys with no home or an overload of your teen's belongings strewn across every surface possible - it won't stand a chance at being beautiful, welcoming or calm. It is very important to discover the storage options of a child's bedroom, so take a look at our tips.

One unit that will take up the full length of a free wall is practical and although the unit is big - it frees up more space in the rest of the room. Choose a light colour such as white or a colour that will blend seamlessly with the colour of the wall it sits against. You will need something that can hold everything from toys, books to clothing so a mixture of open shelving, drawers and cupboards are a good choice. Disguise open shelving with a roller blind rather than a door to maximise available space and hide clutter instantly!

A simple shelving unit can store more than you think if you place storage boxes on it. When using boxes, make sure that they will not be so full that your child cannot remove them from the shelves alone and use attractive designs. Alternatively, buy plain boxes and dress them up yourself with coordinating pieces of fabric or different paint colours - if you make organisation attractive to the kids, they are more likely to want to tidy up themselves after each playtime!

Look for storage pieces on wheels, this will make it a lot easier to move around if you have to change the layout of a room or if you want to bring it central during playtime. Later it can be wheeled back to the wall. This is a practical storage solution that will meet the needs of both young children and teenagers.

There are different stages in a child's life that will require a new look at how their bedroom is and new interior design ideas. You will need to make changes when they start school and again when they go to the secondary school. Try to think in advance to the next stage when decorating to cut down time and costs.

For example, you may be decorating for a child of nine years - they may not need a desk space just yet, but a few years down the line they will, meaning you have to buy a new desk and storage space. Be ahead by already giving them a unit that can fit a makeshift desk when the time comes.

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