Lets hear it for the kids! 6 - perfect playrooms

Playrooms are great if you have the space for them - its hard to work a play area into a smaller bedroom after all. If you can have a separate room for children to play in, the decorating of this room can be easier as you only have to focus on one thing - making it as fun and stimulating as possible.

You won't have to tone down colours as you might in a bedroom-come-playroom and lets face it - the kids are going to love you for giving them an entire room for playtime. We have some ideas to share with you that will help to inspire your own playroom décor.

Whether large or small, the playroom will be at an advantage if the floor is free of clutter. You will need a lot of storage, but think about making use of the walls for this purpose.

You could put a row of open box shelving along one wall, not too high that the children can't reach though. You could even put a large drawing pad on the wall with a small shelf for holding the paints and brushes. · An unused attic space would be perfect for a playroom - not to mention all the nooks and crannies that could be used for hideouts and clever storage.

Depending on the current state of your attic, you might have time to get it arranged and decorated in good time. The before picture of an attic is usually dark and gloomy, but once you have your way with it it can be bright and cheerful. · Choose bright and light colours for the walls and ceiling - a refreshing green or blue would be great.

Further enhance that light and refreshing look with white or light wood furniture and large floor rugs which will also bring comfort. Take a look at curtain material online to make your own light filtering curtains or roller blind. Do think of clever ways to use the angled walls in an attic - either with built in storage or secret hideaways made with second hand curtains.

There is no better room in the house to go wild with colour! Don't stick to one or two colours either - you can get away with five or six coordinating hues if you wanted to. The children will certainly love you for it. The best way to bring in so many colours in a fairly orderly way is by bringing it to the walls or one feature wall.

Think about painting a grid of rectangles or squares with white borders and painting them different bright colours - red, blue and yellow - just have fun! You could even put some blackboard paint into one or two of the lower squares for your child to add their own personal touch!

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