Lets hear it for the kids! 5 - nurseries on a budget

Baby is on the way which could mean only one thing - it is time to start decorating that nursery and preparing for their arrival. It is in our nature that we want our babies nursery to look stunning and stylish - we want to give them the best start in life.

Reality is though, that the expenses of raising a child are not that easy to accept and it soon adds up! If you are going to be sensible, (and we recommend you do) set a budget so that you don't come across financial difficulty, when baby has arrived. You can create a stunning and stylish nursery on a budget - we will show you how.

  • In the first place, you need to spend a few minutes (or hours) writing a list of everything you propose to have in the nursery and separating that list into the necessities and the wants. If you find yourself running short on funds then you can at least make a good decision about where your money should be spent first.
  • You will want to decorate the walls of the nursery to give your baby something interesting to look at; consider using paint to dress up the walls as opposed to a themed wallpaper which can be harder on the pocket. You have a wide choice of colours to choose from and can even choose one for the upper section of the wall and one for the lower section. Then, create your own theme by painting murals on the wall or just as a border where two colours meet. Have some practice with stencils to begin with and then use them to guide your drawings or go free hand if you think you can.
  • Wall decals are another idea for dressing up the walls with a theme. They are reasonably good priced and come in many colours and motifs. The other advantage to using murals is they can easily be pulled from the wall should you wish to change the design at a later date; they will not damage the underlying wall covering in the process either.
  • Save money by choosing good storage. If you install some open shelving on the wall, it will not only have the function of storing various bits and pieces that you need close to hand - but you can use it for easy decoration. Amongst neatly folded bibs and blankets, place a few stuffed toys that go with your theme or colour palette and some family/baby photos.
  • You will want to have beautiful window treatments but without eating all of your budget. When you have some spare time on your hands running up to the birth, it would be a good idea to make your own window dressing buy purchasing curtain fabric online. Curtains and Roman blinds how to make are easier than you may imagine and buying the curtain material online will also broaden the amount of choice and styles.

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