Lets hear it for the kids! 4 - what your teens really want

So what do your teens really want? It is a good question with no one answer, but one thing is for sure - they do want a space they can call their own. Even the younger teens or 'tweens' want to proud of saying they helped to make their bedroom what it is.

As a parent, you should help their personal development by letting them have a say in what happens with their bedroom design (with some compromises of course!) and allow their own creativity to come into play. Teens like to use bold 'trendy' colours, unique patterns and have lots of space for hanging out with friends.

  • Help your teenage son or daughter to discover their personal style by showing them how to create a mood-board. If they really want to have a say in their new bedroom design, a day spent collecting fabric samples, looking through paint colour charts and tearing out the pages of a magazine will probably make them feel like they have some control. Teach them the basics on colour and how they can choose a complimenting palette. If you let them express themselves they will be more likely to listen to some of your ideas too! Teens still love to take in their surroundings and can find inspiration easily - it could be anything, even the colours of their favourite drinks bottle can be inspiration.
  • For a teen girl's room, test their interest in customisation by suggesting they work with you in making a trendy canopy. It doesn't have to look like a princess theme if you sew together different colours and patterns of voile curtain fabric - think more hippie chick than 'my little princess'. It will have a laid-back patchwork effect with fabrics being random sizes; the panels can be hung directly from the ceiling with some hooks or a hoop-style canopy.
  • The bedding should be simpler then - perhaps neutral duvet cover sets and one or two different block colours for pillow covers; try choosing colours from the canopy. You may wish to buy a funky bed in a bag which comes with all the necessary bedding in coordinating colours – it just makes life that little bit easier and is ideal as a spare in case friends decide to sleep over!

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