Lets hear it for the kids! 3 - sharing can be fun

On the face of it, the thought of having your children sharing a room brings shudders - are they going to get on in a shared room or will it be downhill from here? It is a problem that many parents do face and you must take special care in the planning of a shared room if you want to make the best out of the situation - especially for the sake of the kids.

There are a few things that you can consider to make life easier and we'll be taking a look at some of those ideas now. Just remember it is always good to involve your children in the planning so that they feel they had a part in customising their personal space.

Bunk beds are widely in use for shared kid's rooms and they are a very functional option when space is short. Do explore the range of bunk beds as newer designs come with great features - giving more than just a place to sleep. We are talking about clever built-in storage and those with pull out beds that can give way for a play or study section within the frame.

Children do seem to collect a lot of belongings in a very short period of time and with so much stuff you will be better with a modern sleek design for shared rooms.

Choose neutral colours for walls, floors and furniture so that colour can be brought in with ready made curtains or blinds and duvet covers bedding. A little trick to help with separating the bunks is to paint an accent colour on the wall by the top bunk and providing a cool task light.

When two or more children are sharing a room and you need a unisex design, pick out colours that will not scream 'girl' or 'boy'. In other words, don't choose too much of pink or blue. Yellow is traditionally used for unisex bedrooms, but soft greens are also becoming more popular. Take your chosen colour and bring it to the walls which will help to unify the space.

Choose some matching items such as bedside tables and lamps in a neutral shade and then help each individual to choose a funky duvet cover to personalise their bed. With a little sneaky planning prior, you can narrow their options down to duvet cover sets that will look good together in the same room and perhaps with touches of the wall paint colour in them to further the unified look.

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