The hallway in every home is a vital area, yet it is often overlooked, and people tend to neglect it when decorating. However, there are numerous things that can be done to ensure that your hallway is bright, inviting and looks incredible. Every single visitor that steps into your home will see the hallway, therefore, it needs to be one of the priorities of your home. First impressions do count and having a hallway that looks great is very important. Often hallways tend to be dark and an uninviting space for both people entering the house and for the owners. However, this does not need to be the case with careful lighting options and the right choice of colour. Hallways are typically long and narrow and you will need to create the illusion of as much light as possible. Mirrors, light coloured walls and the perfect lights will ensure that the whole area looks and feels more spacious. Hanging the right style of mirror in the hallway will ensure that it appears far more spacious and allows you to feel comfortable in the space. Often the only decoration needed in the hallway will be the mirror. You will need to consider the size and shape of the mirror to enhance the overall size of the hallway. Very large mirrors make ideal pieces of interior design when trying to brighten the hallway. Smaller mirrors can also look great if used as part of an overall design feature. If you have a window than make use of the natural light and still have privacy by using wooden blinds which can coordinate with the colour of your door and floor, alternatively lightweight pencil pleat curtains or ready made blinds will add a homely feel to your hall. Unfortunately, the hallway tends to be the place that all the clutter in the house gathers, which is one of the biggest problems with the hallway. If possible there should be no clutter at all and storage solutions should be used to encourage all items to be stored. Even the smallest amount of clutter will make the small space in the hall appear untidy. There will need to be as much thought and consideration going into the overall style and design of the hallway as any other room. Although the hallway is one of the smallest areas of your home, if it is forgotten about it can let down the remaining rooms in your home. If people have already judged your home from the moment they step inside, no matter how stunning the rest of it is, they will always remember the hallway!

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