A conservatory has become a modern addition to many homes and can be used for a huge number of different uses. They not only offer the home owner additional space that may be required, but also another element to the home. Often the conservatories will be full or half glass design making the interior design very easy to achieve. The most important decision to make is the use of the conservatory; once you have decided this you can begin to plan the interior design. Conservatories make ideal dining areas, play rooms or simply additional space to relax within. If the conservatory is to be used for the later, it should reflect a relaxing and inviting environment. There are some great styles of furniture available for the conservatory ranging from very traditional to contemporary and stylish. You will need to consider the overall style of your home and decide if the conservatory will need to fit in with that. You can always make a very bold statement with the conservatory and choose a style that is not seen anywhere else. Due to the amount of glass that is typically found in the conservatory you will need to consider the window furnishings carefully. Ready made blinds or wooden blinds are very common in this style of room and will ensure that you are letting in adequate sunlight without it being over powering. Although sitting in the conservatory with the sun shining in sounds lovely, if it becomes too hot it will be uncomfortable. Mediterranean style conservatories are a great idea and can make you feel as if summer is in your home all year round. Roller blinds made to measure may be a good option if you have awkward shaped windows. By adding the right colours to the walls and a unique tile floor, you can ensure that you bring the outside in to the room. Tiled flooring is a great addition to the conservatory and can ensure that the room is kept cool in the summer months. However, in the winter months it can be colder to walk on and under floor heating may be an option. Depending on how much time you aim to spend in the conservatory will often determine how much of a budget you will need. You can create a fantastic space to relax in with a lot of imagination and a small budget.