Last minute christmas 5: outdoor decorating

Despite the last weeks running up to Christmas being chaotic, we hope that you have had time to make a warm drink, snuggle up in your favourite seat and find inspiration from our 'Last Minute Christmas' series – written especially for you of course! Just as much as we love decorating the interior of our home, the outdoors deserves some attention too with festive accents welcoming you and your guests. The projects and decorating ideas below were chosen for their speedy implementation, for being budget friendly and not to forget – for being beautiful in all their simplicity.
  • You are hoping to receive many well wishes and Christmas cards this year, right? Then you might like our first festive accent which pimps up the postbox! This idea was seen with a postbox that stands by the gate, at the entrance of your home. If however, your postbox is attached to your front door – the same idea can be applied with a couple of small alterations as you see fit. All you need to begin, is a swag of greenery such as one made from Pine and frame it around the postbox, using wire to keep it in place.Take this further with a touch of colour – you might like to choose the colour which you have or will be using for decorating indoors. We love red which can be found naturally with twigs of winter-berries; add some pine-cones and wait for a layer of powdery snow to finish the look!
  • This is a lovely idea for a fruitful and vibrant garden accent. With most birds away for the winter season, your bird bath can be used to display a tasteful and unique festive attraction. Think winter fruits – cranberries, kumquats and pepper-berries are great examples. With a little creativity, take your fruits and arrange them along with some smooth white pebbles atop the bird bath – you could form them into the shape of a star, a bow or make sections to resemble the inside of an orange.
  • If you are not keen on life sized Santa's greeting you at the front door, keep things whimsical but more simple with a decorated wooden sledge. Stand the sledge on its back end and lean casually to the wall by the door, perhaps using something to keep in place. There are many ways in which you can decorate – fairy lights work well, as do sprigs of greenery with pine cones, coloured baubles and a large bow to top it off.
  • You can't beat candlelight during the winter months for creating a welcoming environment and an air of magic! This idea looks the most charming when you have a few steps leading up to the front door; place pillar candles into tall, cylindrical glass vases (make sure you choose candles that have staying-power) and arrange small pebbles, cranberries and some green leaves around the candle to about a third of the way up, placing one on each step. Alternatively place candles on your window sills inside for dual function decorating – inside and out! Just remember to keep them away from ready made curtains – hold your curtains open with curtain tie backs UK and never leave candles unattended.

As you can see, you don't have to go head-to-head with the neighbours immense display of flashing lights and life-sized Santas – some of the more discreet interior design ideas are far more welcoming and tasteful for your outdoor Christmas decorating; plus you won't scare away the Reindeer!

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