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Last minute christmas 3: prepare for the party!

It is nearly Christmas and there are going to be parties – you might even be hosting some of your own! The question is – are you prepared for it or is it going to be a last-minute arrangement like everything else? Don't sweat though, because Terry's Fabrics is here to help! You might not know where to begin when decorating your dining room; you probably don't even feel like time is on your side to ponder over the possibilities, but with the following interior design ideas you have a good starting advantage and just enough time spare to make some festive changes.
  • To give cottage style décor a festive twist, all you need is some small wreaths hung at the windows with red ribbon; more greenery is added to accentuate your best pieces such as a chandelier or tied at the backs of wooden dining chairs with more red ribbon. Alongside the green and red, simple white tableware and table runners look chic without being over the top.
  • Add grace to an eclectic dining room with gold and cream Christmas décor. By using just two or three colours, your otherwise colourful and eclectic dining room gets a more formal air to it. Set the scene by dressing your focal point (the dining table in this example) first; treat yourself to a beautiful cream and gold table runner or if you have a little time you could purchase curtain fabrics online and create your own for half the price! At the centre and to each end of your table, place towering white, gold and cream candles – you could use one colour or a mixture of those mentioned.On the day, dress your table to include pretty napkins wrapped with gold fabric/ribbon and dress up the backs of dining chairs, continuing your colour scheme but using items of your choice – whether it be baubles, ribbons, gold coated greenery and so forth.
  • Decorating the backs of chairs is an art for some and I have seen some wonderful creations – one that is worth mentioning uses just three items to immaculate effect. Damask fabric is used in a festive colour, it could be red with white, gold with cream or green with silver – it could even be with purple and pink if that is your colour scheme this year! Take enough material to create a napkin form for each chair – it should cover at least half the length from the back of the chair and leave some border to each side. To keep your damask fabric in place, take some ribbon about an inch in width and wrap from the front to the back before tying a relaxed bow. At this point, you could attach a pretty ornament, securing it to the centre of the bow.
  • Give your dining room some Scandinavian charm that will look just as beautiful for daytime entertaining as it would for night. With a wintry palette of white, frosty blues and some greenery – a touch of silver would add sparkle on the evening. Add your colours in with cosy cushions and throws, greenery comes in with miniature evergreens wrapped in burlap and placed in glass vases for the table and/ or window ledge.

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