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Last minute christmas 2: choose your christmas style

Us last minute Christmas folks are of quite a high number - we are about equal though, to those who breeze through their Christmas planning and have everything complete in the first week of December (if not before). It is this breed of Christmas folk that find decorating and choosing a festive style a real joy; they seem to have so much free time on their hands to muse over the possibilities.

We don't - choosing a Christmas style is as painful as choosing a gift for the mother-in-law! hopefully we can take some weight off your shoulders though. We found some free time to discover the possibilities for you with a round-up of the trendiest Christmas styles - just pick one and march on!

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas!

Even if it doesn't snow on the day, you can at least wake up to a white Christmas in your own home - wherever you would normally put red or whatever colour for that matter, go with a classic white this year. Use pretty white poinsettia instead of red to dress up your halls and wrap gifts in glittering white paper and silver and/or gold ribbons.

Classic Christmas Style - Always On Trend!

We are talking about classic red Christmas décor; red is a colour that comes with the season, warming the home and if you already have some red décor, it will be easy to add Christmas accents. Have a think about buying some red toile fabric that can be used to cover sofa cushions or to make stockings for the mantel. You could even create some festive curtains out of red toile or a block red in a gorgeous fabric.

Pretty In Pink

Your décor may not fit with traditional Christmas colours - but you can find festive fun in any colour. Take pink for example, a lounge with hot pink curtains as accents can be the basis of your Christmas style - you naturally love pink so why shouldn't it work? It looks wonderful with white, so why not go for a white tree this year and dress her up with different shades of pink and silver? Extend the scheme to the fireplace with pink and white patterned stockings - look for fabrics with a Christmas theme or with little stars/ winter themes. A wreath hung above the fire gets a touch of pink with ribbons and dried flowers.

Shimmer With Gold Accents

With gold accents, you can add other colour that becomes more intense alongside the gold; green becomes more lustrous, red more glam and so forth. Add gold accents to your focal points - beautiful snowy views out the window? Purchase gold curtain material online and whip up some Roman blinds or curtains for the season - if not buy cheap roller blinds in red, green or gold - you've still got time!

For more inspiration then why not browse through our Christmas Shop.

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