Kitchen Makeover Ideas: Modern, yet Traditional

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

A blend of modern and traditional is a great theme to take when giving your kitchen a makeover. This on-trend style enables you to keep your existing cupboards and lay-out of your kitchen but brings the space up to-date by including an island, perhaps new flooring or windows.


As we saw in yesterday's post replacing cupboards can work out a costly affair – a lick of paint or new handles enables you to keep a traditional style but adds a modern touch. You could also keep the carcase of the cupboards and just replace the doors, this will give you a great mix of traditional style with a modern up-date that is far less expensive then replacing all of the cupboards and far less time consuming.

Window Dressing

This is another area where you can change the look of your kitchen easily. If you've always had curtains swap them for modern kitchen blinds, if you prefer curtains at your kitchen window you could also swap these for a modern pattern and colour or opt for trendy bistro styled kitchen curtains. Many have an embroidered motif which you could tie-in with your kitchen's theme as well as table linen and accessories such as oven gloves and table cloths.


Practicality has to be top of the list when it comes to kitchen floors. If you have stone or tiles large rugs can be a useful way to bring warmth and comfort under foot, colours and texture into your kitchen. As there are so many different styles and design to choose from you can opt for a more traditional style but perhaps with a mix of modern colours.


Traditional plain painted walls can become a little boring – so why not brighten them up with new pictures or use them to display a collection. Collections are in-vogue and could be just about anything, they don't even have to be kitchen related such as plates, you can add a wall collection of family photographs which are perfect if your family always gravitates towards and assembles in your kitchen.


Choosing your accessories carefully is a great way to bring the mix of traditional and modern into a kitchen; you can choose more modern accessories if the main theme is traditional or swap this round and introduce traditional items in a more modern style of kitchen. Mixing and matching will also work well and introduce another of the latest interior design trends into your home.

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