Kitchen Makeover Ideas: Include more Textures

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Use of different textures is one of this year's interior design trends, however this isn't a one hit wonder, the use of different textures has been used for years it's just that today's interiors have brought them to the forefront and built upon the huge variety of textures which can give our kitchens new looks with relative ease.


Wood has it's own distinctive texture. However for hygienic and easy cleaning the surface has been sanded and protective coating, waxes or stains have been applied. If you want to add texture to your cupboards faux or real leather fabric can be applied or if you want to go retro and remember Blue Peter days of sticky backed plastic you could always add that to the outside of your cupboard doors – the inside can have the same textured treatment if you wish.

Window Dressing

Whether you have kitchen blinds or kitchen curtains they will already have a texture. All curtain fabric has its own rough or smooth texture. You can easily bring in a new texture by using lace trimmings, faux leather or even faux silk, but in kitchens it's best to use a material which can be sponged clean with relative ease.

Roller blinds with a faux leather or faux suede bottom strip are a great way to mix different textures together and these styles can add a contemporary style to kitchen windows. Alternatively wooden blinds can also be used with great effect, the natural grain in the wood will also be a visual delight.


Rough or smooth is a matter of personal choice. Stone, tiles and even polished concrete are typical modern kitchen flooring materials. To take the cold edge off any of these placing large rugs in the most frequently used areas will add another texture to the floor as well as being a great way to add colour and warmth under foot.


brick, stone, wallpaper and paint all have a texture which can be highlighted or worked upon. However, don't forget that dirt and grime from everyday cooking can stick to any surface very easily so you may prefer to go with an options which is easy to maintain.


A variety of textures can be brought into play using accessories. Stainless steel gadgets and fruit bowls will look stunning in a modern or contemporary kitchen. For a more traditional setting ceramics and pottery are great choices, while country style cottages will benefit from rustic hand-crafted accessories such as bread baskets make from wicker or wood.

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