Kitchen Makeover Ideas: Choose a New Theme

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Kitchens with a theme are bang on-trend and what's surprising is that the themes don't have to be those typically associated with a kitchen; you can choose any theme you like such as old sailing boats, Vintage trains – anything which you are passionate about will work.

If you want an older styled kitchen then a glance back in history is a great idea just as long as you steer away from the country cottage and Shabby Chic styles. You can even have a theme for a modern kitchen as long as it's not conventional. Many of these trendy themes revolve around up-cycling and recycling so you may have to do a little rummaging to find specific items to complete your them.


Free standing units are ideal for most themes and provide you with the opportunity to change the doors and re-paint if needs be. If you're going for a Vintage boating theme port holes cut out of the front of cupboard doors can be replace with glass – or you can use genuine port hole windows.

Window Dressing

Once again this has to be in keeping with your theme; kitchen curtains with a design or pattern that compliments your theme are ideal. Alternatively kitchen blinds may be more appropriate, there's plenty of curtains and blinds you can choose from to get the look you're after. You may even want to use wooden blinds or recycled shutters to keep true to you theme.


Practicality and versatility have to come into play as you'll need to keep them clean irrespective of your them. Stone, tiles, wood and even lino are all acceptable and if you have a kitchen-diner large rugs can be placed under the table to bring homely comfort, texture and colour to the floor.


If you have plain walls poster are a great way to emphasise your theme, the choice of frame can also be in keeping with the theme or simply use clip fames to display posters or photographs.


This is where you can really define your theme – using up-cycled or recycled materials is a great way to go or you can use genuine articles and artefacts to really set the scene. Choosing a theme for a kitchen is a superb way to get a totally unique look and as with any interior design style will give you the chance to show off your love of a particular theme.

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