Kitchen Makeover Ideas: Add a Pop of Colour

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Kitchens can be expensive to refurbish, however you don't have to rip all of your kitchen cupboards out to get a new look. In this mini-series we're going to offer 7 kitchen makeover ideas that are quick to accomplish and won't break the bank. We start by suggesting adding a pop of colour to bring a tired looking kitchen back to life.

If you want to make a subtle, but noticeable change, try using this year's on-trend colours of purple, lilacs or burnt orange.


If there's nothing wrong with your cupboards you could paint them by using paint which has been designed specifically for that purpose. You could also change the handle and draw pulls for something a little more modern which can also add an injection of colour, particularly if you have white kitchen units and cupboards.

Window Dressing

If you don't fancy changing the look of your cupboards turn your attention to the window dressing. New kitchen curtains or kitchen blinds are a great way to add a pop of colour and of course the window dressing will be practical and functional. The latest kitchen curtains include bistro styles which allow plenty of light in and yet still dresses your kitchen window in style.


Kitchen floors can also be given a new lease of life simply by adding large rugs. You should choose rugs which have been made for a kitchen as these usually have a wipe or sponge clean surface. You may also need rugs with an anti-slip backing, or use the matting underneath, especially if the floor underneath is polished, the backing will help to prevent you from unintentionally sliding across the floor!


Many kitchen don't have a great amount of plain walls – if you exclude cupboards, splash-backs and white goods (fridge, cooker etc.) you'll find that there is a relatively small amount of wall left, making these small areas ideal for adding a pop of colour to your kitchen.


Displaying brightly coloured accessories which are also functional is an easy way to change the look of your kitchen. If you currently have lots of knick-knacks taking them away and choosing a single item for a shelf or counter-top will alter the whole dynamics of your kitchen. Choose brightly coloured fruit bowls or if you love displays pretty tea cups or tea pots are ideal display items which tie-in beautifully with a kitchen theme.

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