Kitchen Islands

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

If like the majority of people, you spend a large percentage of your time in the kitchen, either preparing meals, socializing or performing household chores, a well designed kitchen that is both functional and beautiful can make a huge amount of difference in your daily life. Preparing a meal in a kitchen lacking when it comes to countertop space can be difficult, and can make life difficult when it comes to cooking and working in the kitchen. A modern and practical solution is a beautiful kitchen island.

From a durable butcher block to a stylish granite island you can find the perfect one to suit your needs and complement your kitchen. The extra work space that you get from these kitchen islands can really increase the effectiveness of your kitchen space. Not only does it provide storage and counter space it can also double up as a breakfast bar and it helps family traffic flow easily around the kitchen.

Sold? Well hang on for just a minute. Kitchen islands come in many different shapes sizes and finishes so it is wise to first make sure you have done your research. Islands range from regular squares and rectangles to L shaped ones, and further. To find the right shape for you, look not only at the shape of your kitchen but also think about your needs. An L shaped island puts the cook in the middle of a V of counter space and is therefore really convenient for a serious cook as you can be surrounded by everything you need.

A long rectangle on the other hand is really effective at splitting your kitchen into two separate zones, and situates any seated area well out of the way of the oven. Islands also can also come with a range of features to suit your living habits. Drawers, an integrated extractor fan, integrated wine racks, matching stools- there is something to suit all needs

Unless you are refurbishing the entire kitchen, the next step after finding the correct size and shape, is find a style which fits in with your existing décor, so that the island is seamlessly integrated. Look for strong visual points around your kitchen such as the colour of your walls, the wood of your floor or made the pattern on a roller blind. Try to use these strong points that characterise your kitchen to influence the style of island you choose.

You can choose from a huge range of surface tops and matching body and doors to suit your needs and match your taste and décor. A brushed steel top is fast becoming a very popular choice amongst modern and minimal fans, as is Iroko and Bamboo. There are also many traditional finishes available like oak, pine, mahogany and for fans of the 1950’s, Formica. The fact that islands are so open to personal manipulation and customisation means there is an island to suit most budgets- how much you spend on your really is up to you. Practical and stylish, islands can make a real difference to your kitchen.

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