Kitchen Interior Design Ideas – Smart Casual

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
With London fashion week in full swing smart-casual seems an appropriate interior design style to take a look at. As the name suggests this style is smart without being ostentatious or pretentious. Smart-casual doesn't mean that your kitchen has to be dressed, theoretically speaking, in Sunday best all of the time. However, it does mean that the look will suit any style of kitchen as it can be easily tweaked and adapted to suit the design of your home. Once you have your units in place, in this style fitted units and wall cupboards are the most appropriate as this lays the foundation for a smart kitchen. The causal element is bought into play with your widow dressing and accessories. Kitchen window dressings have to be suitable for a kitchen – they have to give you privacy when needed, add colour and perhaps pattern to the room but above all they have to be safe. By this we mean long curtains aren't a suitable choice if your window is above the sink unit or anywhere near your cooker. The reasons why are self explanatory – namely they will cause a potential fire hazard or they'll wick up water and end up with a soggy bottom! F you want to add pattern and colour floral blinds and curtains are a great idea. Similarly kitchen blinds in a plain colour can add a boost of colour to an otherwise plain kitchen. If you don't like or prefer to have curtains there are some superb kitchen curtain sets available which are designed around a classical kitchen window dressing of lightweight curtains, a matching pelmet and tie backs. For a more modern look opt for the bistro styled sets which also have matching seat pads for kitchen chairs along with tablecloths for a co-ordinated look. Other areas where 'casual' comes into play is your choice of accessories. Remember smart-casual means that although the style is a little relaxed and laid back you need to ensure that your accessories are in best condition, for example, no flaky paint or chipped pieces. If you want to keep up with the latest interior design trends metallics and natural materials such as wood can be included; just don't be too laid back or you may find that the smart element is lost. This trendy kitchen style is perfect for modern households and would work well in contemporary kitchens as well.

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