Kitchen Interior Design Ideas – Rustic Warmth

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

There's something about a rustic styled kitchen which is warm and homely. Maybe it's because it reminds us of our past, or maybe it's the type of interior design we choose to suit the style of our home which leaves us feeling more relaxed. Whatever the reason, rustic styled kitchens are bang on-trend and there's some fabulous ways you can achieve the look even if you live in a modern home rather than a cottage.

Exposed brickwork is one of this year's interior design trends and can add depth and character to a kitchen. Sadly if you live in a modern home there may not be any bricks for you to expose, so unless you want a builder to come in and construct a wall you may have to turn attentions to other ways of creating the look. Use as many old fixtures, fittings and accessories you can.

For example, you can swap your sink unit for a butler styled sink, change modern splash-back tiles for those which are or look similar to the styles and colours found in rustic kitchens of yesteryear (we discussed briefly how to paint glazed tiles in yesterday's post). Flooring is another area where you can recreate a rustic look.

Wooden, stone or old small terracotta tiles are ideal, if these aren't an option many of the new laminate floors have an authentic look which can be used in modern homes. Adding a kitchen rug will also help you achieve the look. Dress your windows with kitchen blinds, or ready made roman blinds uk in colours and designs which compliment your colour scheme and accessories. Pretty café styled curtains would also be in keeping with a rustic kitchen.

If you can find a hanging clothes airer and use butcher's hooks to hang saucepans, wicker baskets and even bundles of herbs. Remember that this style is meant to have a worn and lived in look rather than a pristine new design, so basically anything you fall in love with can be added without fear of it being misplaced. Tin bread bins, displays of mismatched china plates, ceramic storage jars etc. It doesn't even matter if they have small chips in them as this will also add to the well worn look. However, this isn't an excuse to use any thing which really has seen better days, accessories play a vital role in getting the look right so be as selective as you can.

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