Kitchen Interior Design Ideas – Go Retro

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
Going retro brings with it an exciting interior design style which is full of colour and vitality. Many people who adopt this style weren't born in the post WW11 era and yet are drawn to the style because it represents the end of the tight budget restraints of post war Britain. Mass production and innovations of the time, such as large fridges and televisions gave homes a new look which was based around family values. The post war years thrived as people tried to regain some sort of normality in their lives. Here's some tips on how to get the retro look. Flooring: The classical black and white checked lino was favoured as it immediately brighten the flooring and gave housewives (sorry, but that's how things were back then) easier cleaning. If you don't want the expense of changing your entire kitchen floor add a large black and white checked area rug to get the look. Cabinets and cupboards: Stand-alone pieces were the norm the age of the fully fitted kitchen didn't arrive until the 70s. Two-toned or brightly coloured cupboards saw an end to dark and dingy colour schemes. Teal and pink were both popular colours for kitchens with manufacturers of 'white' goods making refrigerators and kitchen appliances in the same bright tones. If you have a fitted kitchen you don't necessarily have to rip it out to get the retro look, simply paint your existing cupboards in these daring colours. Chrome played a huge part in retro styles so replaces cabinet and cupboard handles with chrome ones. Walls: walls remained white for the most part as these were easy to maintain and keep clean. Today you can add retro wall art or use the walls to display retro advertising to break up the white. Small shelves are ideal for displaying any retro kitchen utensils. Lighting: Chrome fittings are perfect and can be pendant shades which hand down over specific work areas. Window dressing. Kitchen blinds to match your colour scheme are ideal. Retro fabric designs can also be found on ready made roman blinds uk to give your windows an authentic retro look. Pink or teal curtains with a ring top headings will also help to bring the look into your kitchen. Accessories: Scout round boot fairs and charity shops to find retro kitchenware. Don't forget to include retro toasters and coffee pots which can either be authentic or one of the modern reproductions. Display retro china plates, cups and saucers on shelves if you don't want to actually use them.

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