Kitchen Interior Design Ideas – Country Chic

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
Country chic is a delightful and charming interior design style that can be dressed-up or down according to the style of your home. You don't have to live in a quaint country cottage to adopt this stunning style all you need to do is include some of the key components to get the look. Let's start with the floor: Traditionally a country cottage would have a stripped wood, stone or tiled floor. With today's laminate flooring you don't have to spend hours trying to strip back floorboards, if you have them, as laminate is relatively easy to fit and lay. Another advantage to this type of kitchen flooring is that it's easy to maintain – just remember to choose laminate which is waterproof so that accidental spills won't spoil it. Cupboards and cabinets: This informal style means that you don't have to have a fully fitted kitchen. Free-standing dressers and cupboards are ideal and can be arranged to create on-trend kitchen islands or fitted into alcoves or redundant fireplaces. Window dressings: Plain, patterned or classical gingham fabric ready made roman blinds uk are perfect for creating an inviting and homely look. Kitchen blinds are also ideal and can be teamed up with curtains if you want your window to look a little more dressed. Colours: Light creams and white are ideal base colours, these neutral tones will allow you to add whatever accent colour you like. Bright red will bring a warm and lively look and is the ideal colour for stimulating appetite, so, if you have a kitchen table for eating informal meals, red is the perfect choice. Sunshine yellows, greens and blues are also very acceptable. Accessories: This is where you can the all important finishing touches which enables you to stamp your own personal identity on the style. A country kitchen typically has a table and chairs, which can be covered with a tablecloth to match chair covers or seat pads. Using the same fabric and colour as the blinds will bring a cohesive look to your kitchen. Pots, pans and kitchen utensils can proudly be displayed on open shelving or from hooks on walls. Don't forget to include cookery books, even if you never look at them, as these will add to the country chic look. Country chic kitchens are bang on-trend, its easy to get the look and if you don't ant the expense of having new cupboards and units fitted paint the ones you already have and show off your design flair via your soft furnishings and accessories.

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